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Monday, 21 August 2017
"M&A Growth Strategy Trumps R&D"

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Branison Group provides buy-side merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory services to business owners, corporate executives and private equity groups. The buying approach is to use active deal generation, involving a thorough search and selection process, followed by a carefully planned contact strategy.

Why use Branison Group?
  • Experienced deal finding techniques that uncover the hidden value-players
  • Professional interface that can protect identity of buyer in certain situations
  • No need to pay excessive premiums to buy businesses in auctions
    and endure the winner's curse with resulting buyer remorse
  • Much lower monthly cost than using a dedicated in-house resource
    (typical cost savings of at least 50%)
  • Variable cost resource that can be expanded or reduced immediately
  • "Burst of energy" approach with focus on closing deals
  • Sector expertise in industrial manufacturing, services and technology
Branison Group has unique expertise to provide insight with integrity to its clients in the USA and internationally, with deal experience globally. Located in Connecticut, Branison Group is ideally situated to access the financial centers of New York, Boston and Hartford.

Craig Mullett, President, founded Branison Group LLC with this aim:
"Finding value and creating solutions through insight with integrity".

Summary biography of Craig Mullett