Collection of Quotes – Summer ’23

“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers.”
Carl Sagan

“No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides.”
Baruch Spinoza

“Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.”
Jane Addams

“History provides us with the opportunity to profit by the stumbles and tumbles of our forerunners.”
B.H. Lidell Hart

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”
Linus Pauling

“Metaphors give words a way to go beyond their own meaning. They are handles on the door of what we can know and of what we can imagine. Each door leads to some new house and some new world that only that one handle can open. What’s amazing is this: by making a handle, you can make a world.”
Jane Hirshfield

“Patience is a form of meditation.”
Damon Galgut

“It is possible to conceive conflict as not necessarily a wasteful outbreak of incompatibilities, but a normal process by which socially valuable differences register themselves for the enrichment of all concerned.”
Mary Parker Follett

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”
John Gunther

“Those who keep learning, will keep rising in life.”
Charlie Munger

“Fall in love with some activity, and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world.”
Richard P. Feynman

“From great moments come great opportunities.”
Herb Brooks

“There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them.”
Phyllis Bottome

CRM 7/18/23